ZEOLOGIC S.A. is a new dynamic Greek company, based in the Industrial Area of Sindos in Thessaloniki. ZEOLOGIC’s activity covers the sensitive area of waste treatment. The company was founded under the principles of environmental awareness, inquiring mind and exceptional scientific background that were expressed with the utilization of an innovative technology. ZEOLOGIC S.A. by applying the company’s exclusive innovative Greek GACS Method, which is certified with two corresponding Greek Patents (patent numbers 1008460 & 1008495), is providing the ability of treating a widespread range of urban and industrial waste types, thus rendering itself as a direct solution to a vast amount of environmental matters.

The success of GACS Method relies on the foundations of nanomechanics, achieving treatment of the pollutant load, in nanoscale level. GACS method is based upon the usage of geopolymer materials, which are of high adsorption ability and completely friendly to the environment. Also depending on type and characteristics of the waste to be treated, a specialized approach is applied with a unique utilization of the geopolymer materials per case. The above mentioned approach ensures the method’s application on a wide range of waste, such as liquid and solid, dangerous or not, with the optimal result.

ZEOLOGIC S.A.’s abilities are extended as well, to the specialized design of any possible wastewater treatment line, and thus providing the maximum pollutant load adsorption, on any case. As an outcome, an effluent of high quality characteristics and completely conforming to the specifications of the relevant legislation is produced. The aforementioned water is feasible to be reused within existing facilities, or to be disposed directly to the environment without the need of further treatment. In contrast with the conventional methods of biologic treatment, the produced sludge can be disposed directly as compost, fertilizer or as inert material.

Simultaneously with the geopolymer materials production, ZEOLOGIC S.A. has developed a series of innovative products such as, nanoflocculant mediums, nanoagglomerates, organoagglomerative compounds, and metallic oxidation nanoparticles, which combined with the geopolymer materials under certain conditions, are enhancing the treatment’s performance significantly.

As a result of all stated points, ZEOLOGIC S.A. today possesses an internationally innovative technology, that has the ability to provide a final solution, even on a series of demanding to unresolved until today, environmental issues such as:

  • Treatment of polluted water from any source of origin (drilling, rivers, etc.) in order to achieve an effluent water of potable quality.
  • Treatment and production of inert sludge produced either from municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants. The sludge can be of organic or inorganic pollutant load from any industrial activity. In the case of organic sludge, its treatment can lead to the production of compost or organic chemical fertilizer with obvious economic and social benefits. In the case of inorganic sludge with toxic or/and dangerous characteristics the treatment product constitutes a full-inert material that can be managed under complete safely.
  • Treatment of landfill leachate.
  • Restoration of polluted soil from any previous industrial activity, regardless of the pollution level and concentration.
  • Treatment of waste produced from mining and relative activities
  • Treatment of significantly polluted waste from numerous waste types originating from production activities such as fertilizer and pesticide industry, olive mills, slaughterhouses, milk and dairy products, tanneries, production and processing of petroleum, metalworking etc.
  • Optimization of the operation of existing biological municipal waste treatment plants, targeting at the avoidance of cases of unstable operation, odor elimination and compromised sludge production.

Environmental benefits of applying the GACS Method:

  • Fixing of existing Municipal wastewater treatment units operational problems
  • Removal of heavy metals
  • Removal of radioactive elements
  • Avoidance of odors
  • Adsorption of a series of demanding pollutants (phenols, aromatic hydrocarbons etc.)
  • Production of inert sludge which can be utilized as compost, fertilizer or inert material
  • Recycling and efficient water usage
  • Method based on natural materials

Financial benefits of applying the GACS Method:

  • Lower initial investment cost compared with other existing technologies
  • Significantly lower operational cost, 2 to 10 times lower, compared with existing methods, depending on the application
  • Reduction or elimination of the additional cost occuring from the management of by-products, during the implementation of existing treatment methods.

Because of the high technological level and the significant environmental benefits that the Geochemical GACS Method possesses on the field of waste treatment, and specifically on the sludge issue, ZEOLOGIC’s exclusive technology has been adopted by the Greek National Waste Management Planning, as the optimal solution for managing any kind of sludge for the benefit of agriculture.