General Information
As time is evolving, the concern about the climate change phenomenon is getting more and more renewed and intense. This phenomenon comprises a matter of a global scale, which occurs as a result of an increase in global temperature and reinforcement of greenhouse effect. These phenomena are caused and are being continuously expanded by the enormous increase of anthropogenic activities which are accompanied by emissions of gaseous pollutants that exceed the planetary tolerance levels. Additionally, from specific anthropogenic activities, gaseous pollutants are produced, which comprise a decisive and serious threat for public health, due to their nature and their concentration of pollutant substances.
The GACS Solution (Geochemical Active Clay Sediment)
ZEOLOGIC S.A. through its continuous activity in the field of treating pollutants of any kind has developed a series of environmental applications for the treatment of atmospheric pollutants which are produced from various processes.
These applications are based on the utilization of the Geochemical GACS Method, which is a breakthrough innovation technology solution in applications for air pollution neutralization as well. By utilizing specific nano – formulated products and a series of chemical neutralizers and nano – deodorants, a complete absorption of gaseous pollutants and odorant compounds is achieved as well.
These applications are based in the absorption of pollutants that are present in air flows and in wastewater as well, but have the tendency of evaporating, due to their low melting point.
The utilized devices for these applications consist of a completely automated treatment system, with its own PLC system and sensors for their autonomous and automated operation. Also safety marks are present, with the existence of specific passive and energetic systems.
The advantages of the Geochemical treatment applications for the treatment of air pollutants, in contrast with the conventional existing methods can be summed in the following:
  • Prevention of the creation of a hot spot
  • Existence of safety marks for protecting the system from ignition of the absorption materials
  • Regular and total control of system operation and performance, through an automated recording and control system of all decisive parameters.
  • Low operational cost
  • Absorption of all pollutants of interest with high performance
  • Odor neutralization
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Lower operation time