GACS Method

The GACS Method

The Innovative GACS Method is fully complying with the legislation limits concerning the protection of the water resources, as they are presenting in the JMD 145116/2011 (Greek GG 354/B/2011). This JMD creates new wastewater treatment standards for a number of industries like Oil mills, hotels etc, which are describe below:

  • Output complying with the legislation limits
  • Recycling of the treated wastewater into the production line above of 90%
  • Improvement of the sludge characteristics in order to be used as soil improver

Environmental advantages and financial benefits of the method

GACS method can be applied on existing and new wastewater treatment units:

  • Ensuring of high quality standard output
  • Possibility of fully re-use of the output
  • Batch mode operation of the wastewater treatment unit, reduce the possibility of errors in the treatment and improves the monitoring of the unit
  • The efficiency of the treatment is above 90%
  • Competitive investment cost regarding to other methods
  • Smaller treatment time
  • Lower operative cost for consumables comparing to other methods over 50%
  • Lower energy cost comparing to other methods over 30%
  • Lower sludge production (over 70%)
  • Production of inert sludge, which can be used as soil improver, without further treatment
  • Significant lower maintenance cost
  • No odor


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